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Screen shot 2015 12 01 at 12.07.34 am article

Architects in Ho Chi Minh City were asked to design a university campus. The outcome is magnificent.

When they designed this new urban university campus in Ho Chi Minh City, they had something radically non-urban in mind.

Oasis article

It's not an elaborate treehouse. It's a new affordable housing concept.

A Dutch architect wants cities of the future to take after forests.

Screen shot 2015 11 30 at 8.24.40 pm article

He had an epiphany while living in a dumpster. And it could change the future of housing.

Living in a dumpster may not be for everyone, but smart home engineering could yield the same benefits.

Vr camera 2a35e0ef752c936e8e17f22c5a588ad8 article

If watching a movie is like seeing another world, then his latest film is like teleporting to one.

He went from rap videos to the cutting edge of immersive filmmaking. And what he's doing with it is absolutely wonderful.

Screen shot 2015 12 01 at 12.11.31 am article

See what happened when a journalist planted GPS tracking devices in an illegal ivory shipment.

Reporter Bryan Christy wanted an inside look into why so many elephants are dying. But he had to be sneaky about it. So he devised a plan fit for a spy agency.

Legocar compressor e04f48cd6914f675fc8ad14a77c76c03 article

They gave him $20,000 to build a car out of Legos. Here's what he came up with.

A car made of half a million Legos is pretty cool. But that's not even the coolest thing about it.

Mcdonaldspaycheck 72ba5a9aba3230425436476375e4a81e article

Some people think the minimum wage should be $15. Let's see how it stacks up...

Here are two workers. One earns today's minimum wage of $7.25. The other lives in a hypothetical happy land where the minimum wage is $15.

Infographic tax wealth like work article article

How the U.S. tax system is designed to make rich people richer

Written and designed by Maz Ali for United for a Fair Economy.

Jessica morales george bush b5e7e70fcf9a997321bad901bcd2049b article

The bizarre human tendency that made 'Baby Jessica' a household name in 1987

How did a story about one small-town child become a global phenomenon?

Streetview time machine demo f29ed53798e0e06fa908118e7559097f article

These before-and-afters will make you question everything about how our economy works.

You'd think it was some sort of natural disaster. Nope. Totally man-made.